Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Today, I wore leggings.

Today, I wore leggings.
Not because I even wanted to, because I knew I had to have these leggings for play rehearsal this evening.

Today, I witnessed people whispering about me in the elevator.
Not because they were leggings, but because I am over 200 lbs wearing said leggings and that's an atrocity.

Today, I noticed the flaws of my body in the mirror.
Because I have noticeable cellulite. Because I have a fat ass (not the good kind?) and fat thighs.

Today..... I learned how to love myself, at least a little bit.
Not because I needed to wear these leggings, but because I chose to wear them instead of stuffing them into my bag for rehearsal.

Today, I exuded confidence.
I was confident today. I would have never worn them at any other time prior to day, but I WORE THEM TODAY.

It's not a big success, but a small one in the right step to loving myself. I'm glad I borrowed these leggings for my play rehearsal.